interior design

interior design

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Interior decoration is known as the knowledge of architectural design, arrangement art, colorology and psychology and all concepts that present the decorative expression of the interior space based on architectural and creative principles.

The role of providing an interior space can be based on different styles of interior architecture such as classic, eclectic, bohemian and hundreds of other styles that express the characteristics and sometimes have commonalities that the appropriate combination of interior components of the design is the main element of the design and function of the space and It radiates a new identity based on the needs of the application and its audience.

interior design

interior design

Although the role of personal taste and interest is very important in interior decoration, but if it is not executed and arranged based on the knowledge and basic components of design, others and people around us who will be our guests or audience in the passing of time will not be satisfied with being in that space and They will leave the space in the shortest possible time.

However, an interior designer, decorator, interior architect or an ordinary person should be precessional in interior architecture so that they can lead the plan, form and volumetric structures with their decoration idea.
In particular, in the interior decoration of the residential space, the placement of the window in relation to the lighting, the walls and forms in relation to the furniture, etc. should be done intelligently and creatively in order to create the necessary harmony between the interior architecture and decoration.

interior design

The interior design of the reception hall is different

The design of the reception hall is one of the designs that are given special attention and the most expenses are spent on the decoration. This room is the point of family meetings and is considered a common place for all family members. It is the most important room of the family and it is the place where we receive our guests and even the importance of this room is such that some people use it only for receiving guests and consider a smaller room for their own use and the reception hall is like The guest room remains intact.

In the end, it doesn’t matter in what way we use the living room, the important thing is that we show attention to this place that we don’t show to any of the other rooms in the house and to turn it into a perfect place. We should use all our efforts both materially and spiritually. It is quite natural to want the sofa set in the reception hall to be in harmony with the dining set, carpets, curtains, walls and lighting system. and all the accessories and details are related to each other, it will become a unique place. But how can this work be done?

If you want to get a special reception hall and give it a different look, you need to put aside and forget your habits before anything else.
Maybe going beyond the habits is not an easy task, but it will have a great and successful result.
Sometimes you can destroy the ordinary appearance of the reception hall and living room by using only one object and furniture with a specific and different design.

interior design
For example, a table in front of a sofa with a modern and different design, when it is used next to cheerful and ordinary furniture, will become a star in the design of the place and will completely affect the ordinary appearance of the reception hall. Maybe a table With a different design, it may not look attractive at first glance, but it will undoubtedly bring temporary results.

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